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American Toad

Anaxyrus americanus

American Toad

Image by Jim Horton


Terrestrial toad.
Tan, brown, olive, rust, or brick colored.
Usually one or two warts in each dark spot. Dark spots are usually brown are black but some specimens have none. Belly/chest is spotted with dark pigment.
Parotoid gland, large and kidney shaped.
Note: May hybridize with Fowler’s toad, making identification difficult.



2 – 3 ½ inches


Common, statewide

Similar Species

Fowler's toad


Earthworms, arachnids, arthropods (beetles, moths, etc.)


Versatile, sparse woodland, urban and rural areas, grasslands


Breeds from early March to May. Will breed in many water sources including marshes, temporary ponds, and ditches. Males call with a low melodious trill which lasts from 6 to 20 seconds. Eggs are laid in strings or strands with as many as 10, 000 eggs.

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