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HHS Programs

Explore the intriguing world of reptiles and amphibians with the Hoosier Herp Society's comprehensive programs. We cater to libraries, nature centers, schools, and parks, and our offerings include live animal displays, herpetology-focused presentations, guided nature walks, and interactive frog call demonstrations.

Our live animal displays offer an up-close look at various herps, encouraging hands-on interaction while promoting better understanding and appreciation of these creatures. Our presentations are educational and engaging, designed to deepen your knowledge about the roles and importance of herps in our ecosystem.

Our nature walks, led by herpetology experts, are both educational and enjoyable. Participants get a chance to spot different herp species in their natural habitats. Additionally, our interactive frog call demonstrations are a hit, offering fun and educational experiences in understanding and identifying different frog calls.

One of our key services also includes conducting herpetological surveys at your site. Utilizing methods like coverboard monitoring, we assess herp species present and their abundance, contributing valuable data to conservation efforts and improving our understanding of local biodiversity.

Please note that our programs come at a cost, and all proceeds are channeled back into our society's work, funding events, and supporting herpetological conservation.

To book one of our programs, or for more information, please reach out to us through the 'Contact Us' page on our website. Let's join hands in celebrating and conserving the incredible world of herpetology.

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