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Cope's Gray Treefrog

Hyla chrysoscelis

Cope's Gray Treefrog


Light or dark gray, light brown, or green skin with darker mottling. A distinct light patch below the eye is a good field marking. Yellow/orange flashing behind and front and rear limbs. Young are typically green. Large toe pads enable this species to cling to most surfaces.



1 ½ - 2 ½ inches



Similar Species

Gray Treefrog is virtually indistinguible but can be differentiated by call. Bird-voiced tree frog (Not an Indiana native but occurs just across the Ohio River in Kentucky)


Arachnids, insects (beetles, moths, etc.)


Woodlands are the preferred habitat. This species is common on houses and other structures during damp evenings or after rainfall in summer.


Activity is triggered by rainfall in late spring. Breeding occurs in early May in Indiana. Males will call from small trees, man made structures, and or concealed in other vegetation in and around fishless temporary ponds. Female deposits eggs on vegetation in ponds and hatch in midsummer.

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