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Fowler's Toad

Anaxyrus fowleri

Fowler's Toad

Image by John Doe


Tan, yellowish brown, greenish or light gray with dark blotches. A light mid-dorsal stripe on back. Usually three or more warts in each dark spot. Dark spots are usually brown are black but some specimens have none. Belly/chest is unspotted. Parotoid gland touches cranial ridge on head. May hybridize with American toad, making identification difficult.



2 – 3 inches


Common, statewide

Similar Species

American toad


Earthworms, arachnids, arthropods (beetles, moths, etc.)


Many situations, including sparse or open woodland, urban and rural areas, rocky hills, areas with sandy soils, grasslands


Breeds from May to June. Will breed in most any water source including tire ruts, temporary ponds, flooded fields and ditches. Males call with a nasal waaaah lasting up to 4 seconds. Eggs are laid in strings or strands with as many as 10, 000 eggs.

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