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Southern Leopard Frog

Lithobates sphenocephala

Southern Leopard Frog


Medium size slender frog with more pointed snout. Green, bronze, tan, or olive background or a combination of colors, sometimes with green on back. Dark roundish spots and few spots on sides. White stripe on upper lip extends past tympanum. Dorsa lateral folds bright and extend on back to groin. Usually light spot center of tympanum. Legs are banded.



2 – 3 ½ inches


Somewhat common

Similar Species

Pickerel frog, other Leopard frog


Insects and other invertebrates


Will wander well away from water into weedy fields in summer. Usually found closer to water but will venture to wet meadows in summer. Able to leap long distances into water from shoreline.


Breeding takes place late March and throughout April. Males gather at edges of marshes and pools where they begin to call. Breeding season lasts about a week. Female deposits eggs in globular masses on sticks and aquatic vegetation.

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