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Five-lined Skink

Plestiodon (formerly Eumeces) fasciatus

Image by Unknown


Young are vividly colored with a black background, bright yellow stripes and a blue tail. Adult males are brown or olive with red on the head during breeding season. Adult females are brownish with five light stripes running the length of the body to the tail. This species may be identified by having four labial scales at the upper lip. These lizards are almost constantly on the move while foraging for insects. They will lie still and readily bask in the sunlight. Mostly terrestrial but can climb well and will take to trees when alarmed.



5 - 8 inches



Similar Species

Broadhead Skink, Six-lined Racerunner


Insectivore. Also feeds on spiders and other invertebrates.


Sparse to open woodlands with damp, rotting logs. It is also found on rocky hillsides. They tolerate damp or moist conditions. Found throughout much of the Midwest and eastern United States to Michigan and eastern Wisconsin. Occurs almost state wide in Indiana.


Courtship and mating occurs in spring. This species is oviparous and 4 to 8 eggs may be deposited under flat stones, rotting wood, or under loose bark. Eggs are guarded by the female during incubation.

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