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Six-lined Racerunner

Cnemidophorus sexlineatus

Image by Unknown


Six light or yellow stripes run from the head to the back and sides of the body and tail. Background is dark brown or blackish. Head is long and narrow with large plate scales. Does not have the shiny, smooth scales to that of skinks. These lizards are a sun loving species. They are incredibly fast and will quickly escape into vegetation or other suitable cover when alarmed. They are almost always moving in a twitching action. On overcast days, it will retreat under logs or other debris. It will also burrow into the soil or sand.



6 - 9 inches


Common in its range

Similar Species

Five-lined Skinks


Insectivore. Also feeds on spiders and other invertebrates.


Occurs in dry, open, sunny habitat with ample sunlight. Dunes, road cuts, and edges of ponds are typical haunts. Also found in dry, sparse woods.


Courtship and mating occurs in spring. This species is oviparous and 4 to 6 eggs are guarded by the female during incubation.

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