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Dr. Michael Finkler

Professor of Physiology

Indiana University Kokomo


Dr. Michael Finkler, Professor of Physiology at Indiana University Kokomo, specializes in the physiological adaptations of amphibians and reptiles to environmental stresses. His presentation to the Hoosier Herp Society, "Cold as Ice: Freeze Tolerance in Some of Indiana's Frogs," explored the remarkable ability of certain local frog species to survive freezing temperatures—a trait that allows them to emerge early in the spring, gaining a survival advantage. Dr. Finkler's research delves into the cellular and chemical mechanisms that enable these frogs to withstand freezing, effectively "coming back from the dead." His clear and insightful presentation shed light on a complex subject, contributing significantly to our understanding of amphibian resilience to harsh climates. Dr. Finkler’s broader research interests include reproductive costs in amphibians, the impact of environmental factors on hatchling phenotype in turtles and birds, and the ecological interactions of crayfish and mussels. His scholarly work includes numerous articles and a book on the biology of the snapping turtle.

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