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Dr. Michael Lannoo

Professor Anatomy and Cell Biology

Indiana University School of Medicine


Dr. Michael J. Lannoo, a professor at Indiana University School of Medicine and affiliate of the Illinois Natural History Survey, is a leading figure in herpetology and conservation biology. His extensive research spans vertebrate ecology in various climates, from temperate to polar, and focuses on the environmental and morphological factors affecting these species. Dr. Lannoo has authored over 100 scientific papers and several influential books, including "Malformed Frogs: The Collapse of Aquatic Ecosystems." He has been recognized with the Parker/Gentry Award for his contributions to conservation biology. Dr. Lannoo has shared his insights with the Hoosier Herp Society, discussing critical issues such as amphibian declines and conservation strategies, enriching our understanding and advocacy efforts for amphibian populations.

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