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James (Jim) Harding

Herpetologist and Lecturer Emeritus

Michigan State University


James (Jim) Harding, a revered herpetologist and Lecturer Emeritus at Michigan State University, is well-known in the Great Lakes region for his extensive work on amphibians and reptiles. As a wildlife information specialist at the MSU Museum and an advisor in the Department of Zoology, Harding has dedicated his career to the study and conservation of herpetofauna, particularly Michigan’s wood turtles. Beginning his significant research in 1969 while pursuing his Master’s degree, he has been monitoring and conserving wood turtle populations, developing strategies for their survival. Jim has shared his invaluable insights with the Hoosier Herp Society, highlighting his long-term field studies and successful conservation efforts, including a collaborative project with John Ball Zoo to boost wood turtle populations.

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