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Four-toed Salamander

Hemidactylium scutatum


Our smallest salamander with four toes on each hind feet. The key feature on this species is the belly which is white with stark black dots. 12-14 costal grooves along sides. Slender body with tan or brown coloration mottled with bronze flecks. Tail is round to oval and constricted at the base.



2 - 3 ½ inches



Similar Species

Redback salamander (lacks white speckled belly)


Insects and other small arthropods.


Flat, forested uplands or low lying forest habitat with temporary or permanent wetlands or ponds. Swamps, bogs, or temporary ponds with sphagnum moss.


Mating occurs in spring. Rainfall triggers breeding activity. Mating takes place on land near woodland ponds. Females lay 15-20 round white eggs. Females take cover under fallen logs and moss. She stays curled with eggs at the water edge. Females await heavy rainfall that washes eggs into the water and young soon develop.

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