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Northern Dusky Salamander

Desmognathus f. fuscus


A stout bodied light or dark brown to grayish salamander. Head is oval and wider in males. 13-14 costal grooves are present. Limbs are short and stocky. Tail is roughly triangular in cross section. A light or white line runs from the eye downward to the jaw opening. General pattern is variable and breaks up as the animal ages. Young appear lighter in color and have a stronger pattern.



2 ½ – 4 inches



Similar Species

Redback salamander (smaller and more slender)


Earthworms, snails, and other invertebrates.


Rocky upland hills of seepages, springs, and rocky creeks. Can be found in small rocky creeks under stones. May also be found near the mouths of caves but not in them.


Mating occurs summer and 13- 24 eggs hatch in fall. Male performs courtship displays for female and drops a spermatophore. The female they picks up the sperm pouch and eggs are fertilized. Female will then deposit eggs, curl around and guard them until they hatch.

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