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Red-spotted Newt

Notophthalmus v. viridescens

Image by Kimberly Scott


A small salamander unlike our other species. This species has both an aquatic and terrestrial stage. Adults are aquatic. Newts lack costal grooves and have rough skin. Body is olive to brown or tan with a row of red spots circled with black ring along the sides. Two longitudinal cranial ridges occur on top of the head. Tail is vertically flat. Males will have dorsal fins on the tail. At the red eft stage, the skin is rough and dry. The tail is almost round. Color is bright red to rust orange. Red spots remain along sides.



3 – 4 inches



Similar Species



Earthworms, crustaceans, young amphibians, and insects. Aquatic newts consume amphibian eggs.


Woodland forests of both high and lowlands with temporary or permanent or ponds or other wetlands


During mating season, males develop a swollen glands, thick back legs with thick, black ridges on the inside of the back legs. Aquatic adults have lungs and lack gills.

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