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Streamside Salamander

Ambystoma barbouri


Almost identical to the smallmouth salamander. Dark gray or bluish to black with a small head, mouth and short limbs. 13 – 15 costal grooves on sides. Lichen like markings on sides and tail of some specimens. Others are almost all dark grey or black.



4 – 5 ½ inches


Species of Special Concern

Similar Species

Jefferson salamander and Smallmouth salamander


Earthworms and other invertebrates


A species of hilly uplands with small rocky creeks


This species is unique in its breeding habits. It's the only Ambystoma species that breeds in rocky streams as opposed to ponds. Mating occurs in early spring when rain and temperatures reach 55 degrees. Breeding may occur December through March. Mating takes place in rocky streams. Up to 300 eggs in a jellylike flat mass are deposited beneath flat stones in the water. Larvae have external gills.

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