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Midland Smooth Softshell

Apalone mutica mutica


The carapace is uniquely flat and leathery with no scutes. Carapace is broadly oval and lacks the spines and rings of the spiny softshell. Color is pale brown light yellowish margin. The head and limbs are brown to yellow or olive. A yellow strip runs from the snout through the eye onto the neck (except for older females). The underside is white with bluish tint.



Carapace 4 - 14 inches


Uncommon, Game Species

Similar Species

Smooth softshell


Crayfish and insects are consumed regularly. Small fish, worms, snails, and carrion are also eaten.


Found in larger streams and rivers. Prefers clean, clear water with moderate current and sandy bottom.


A strong, swimmer, spending much of its time buried in mud or sand. While buried, the long neck extends upward to the surface, allowing only the snout and eyes to break the surface for air. This species is highly aquatic but also bask on logs, sand bars, or river banks.

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Midland Smooth Softshell

Midland Smooth Softshell

Midland Smooth Softshell

Apalone mutica mutica

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