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Ouachita Map Turtle

Graptemys ouachitensis


Carapace is olive brown to grey with light yellowish markings and dark boarders. A prominent midline ridge with serrated edges at the top of the carapace is another with the nickname “sawback”. Head, tail, neck, and limbs are gray to black with yellow, brown, or whitish stripes. Head is long and narrow with a short snout. A bold yellow bar or blotch marking behind each eye. Small light yellow blotch below each eye and another on the chin. Spots behind and under eyes sometimes fuse to form a crescent. Males have longer tails and front claws.



Carapace 3 – 9 inches



Similar Species

Common and False map turtles


This species is more omnivorous than other map turtles, consuming more vegetation in its diet. It also consumes mollusks, insect larvae, and fish.


Similar to the common map turtle. Prefers large creeks and rivers with muddy or sandy bottoms and vegetation. It may also be found in sloughs and oxbows.


Prefers to bask throughout the day, often found with other species of turtles. They are powerful swimmers and bask near deep water with strong current. It may be active most months of the year.

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Ouachita Map Turtle

Ouachita Map Turtle

Ouachita Map Turtle

Graptemys ouachitensis

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